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A non Greek Bibliography text of 1815 regarding protection from plague.
Publication, Ath. Stamoulis
Athens-Piraeus 1994, (pp. 53)
  ΙSΒΝ 960-351-027-0
  This study makes known the results of our research about the text for plaque by Dr. Georgio Kozaki Typaldo. This text is at the end of the book by Dr. John Serraphin dissertation "About choleric fevers", which was found in the Library of Andritsaina, Peloponnesos.

  At the beginning of our study, it is emphasized that the publishing of this text enhances and corrects the Hellenic Bibliography. The reason as to why Dr. Typaldos wrote this text, was the presence of plaque's epidemic in the Greek region, which had decimated a lot of Greek people. The writer, because he wanted to make known and inform his compatriots about plaque, wrote to his brother Agathagelo bishop of Tripolis the method of protection from plaque of the famous French chemist Guyton de Murveau (1737-1816).

  He mentions in his text the manner of applying Guyton's protective chemical method consisting of chemical substances, from which chemical reaction exhalations were produced, and which destroyed the "miasma", the cause of plaque. Furthermore he accompanied his proposal with many justifications about its effectiveness of the method. In addition as a political mind, he emphasized that for this prophylactic method it is not only necessary the "fatherly exhortation" of priests, but the state's authority in order to put in practice "the fumigation" in all places, where there was even the slightest suspicion of contamination. Therefore it would be possible to save a lot of people from plaque.

  In our publication the text of Dr. Typaldos is inserted in the Appendix and accompanied by an index and glossary, in order for students and writers to have easy access and understanding.

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