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Appendix: Constantine Michael, Brief History of Medicine, Vienna 1794
Publication, Ath. Stamoulis
Athens 1994
  ΙSΒΝ 960-7306-94-5
  Our study is an anniversary publication as two hundred years have passed since the first edition. Moreover, the personality of Dr. Constantine Michael (1751-1816), from Kastoria, Macedonia, who studied medicine in Vienna, and whose presence in the Greek Literature was unknown, has now become known through our study.


His writing consists of an Epigram, that was published in 1779, and two books. One is a translation of the book by the famous doctor in Lussanne, Tissot "Manual of the wisest Dr. Tissot about health of the cultured men", which was published in Vienna in 1785, while Constantine Michael was studying medicine at the University of Vienna. He inserted thirteen sub-notes in his publication.

The second book is titled "Dietetics, in front of which is prefixed with a short history about the beginning and progress of medicine science and about some successful men, the material was selected from old and new writers". In our study the book and its contence is presented and it is noted that it has been re-published two times, one in 1809 and one in 1819, this shows the book's impact to Greek readers. In a specific chapter, it is emphasized that the significant result of our study is that the text of the Brief History of Medicine is in the Greek language the first History of Medicine, mentioning the similar studies, which were written after this.


Through our study, the personality and the work of Dr. Constantine Michael is restored and moreover the text of one hundred and thirty six pages of the "First History of Medicine in the Greek language" was re-published, giving the opportunity to every doctor and interested intellectual to have access.


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