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Publishing House A. Stamoulis
Athens 1999 (pp. 84)
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  In our article presented are; Dr. Manouel Sares Tenedios' (1778-1802) studies, his life and his early death at the age of twenty four from "hospital infection'', as his friend Dr. Anastasios Georgiadis Leukias wrote and who was the first professor in the History of Medicine at the University of Athens (1837).


Further mention to his work is made through:

A). The book "Treatise in Thucedides", Vienna 1799.

B). A letter, which was published in the dissertation of the Eperotean Doctor Panagiotis Nikolaedis, "Antille veteris Τα Λείψανα», Halle 1799.

C). Fifteen Epigrams, which were published in the journal «Literary Telegraph» of Dr. Demetrios Alexadridis.

D). The article "About fermentation".


In our study analytical presentation of the text "About fermentation" is made, which was written after Anthimos Gazis' request to be included in his book "Grammar of philosophical sciences", Vienna 1799, so that his book would have the latest knowledge of Chemistry, which at that time was presented in Europe. In Tenedios' text the types of fermentation which are referred are: the chemical analysis of acetic acid, which, as it is emphasized, Lavoisier was the first to mention it, also the participation of oxygen as an essential part in respiration, that a few years ago was presented by Lavoisier.

Dr. Manouel Sares Tenedios pointed out the "antiseptics" and played a part in the formation of the new Greek scientific terminology: " carbonic acid", "steatic acid", "acetic acid", "oxygen", "chemical attraction". He had also proposed for the nomination of the chemical combinations by using the suffix "-ικον" for acids, "-ιας" and "-ιτης" for salts.

At the end of our study inserted are the terms, which Manouel Sares wrote in his article and which were established in the Greek vocabulary and the bibliographical documentation of his writings.

Finally in our study the text "About fermentation" was re-published, giving the opportunity to every doctor and interested intellectual to have access. Also an Index and Glossary were added.

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