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Athens 1902, Reedition, Introduction, Index, and Edition by Dr. Dem. Karaberopoulos
"Library of History of Medicine" number 2
Publishing House A. Stamoulis
Athens 2004 (Size 17X24, 152 pp.
  ΙSΒΝ 960-351-566-3
  Cancer as a disease is not an entity of the resent times, bus it has existed since the ancient years, as it is ascertained from the Professor and Academian Arist. Kouzis (1872-1961), who researched the works of the ancient Greek Doctors: Hippocrates, Galen, Dioscuridis, Rufus, Aretaios, Oribasius, Aetios and others. His study, which was received the Symboulidiun award in 1902, presented the results of his research regarding their ideas about cancer.


Through this study it is substantiated that the ancient Greek doctors, who gave the name cancer to that disease, knew a lot about cancer. Speciffically Arist. Kouzis writes on page 92, "even from Hippocrates everything about cancer had been noticed and wonderfully described, its contamination, spreading, regression and its macroscopic pathological-anatomical changes, the principal symptoms and the beginning of the removal of neoplasm with its roots from healthy tissues".

This study had been published a hundred and more years ago and it was difficult to be found, even in the libraries. For this reason it has been republished with an Introduction, Index and Edition by Dr. Dem. Karaberopoulos, giving so the opportunity to every doctor and interested intellectual to have access.

The re-edition completed with a). The Index, which would be an necessary reference to readers and students, b). An Introduction for Arist. Kouzis, who got involved in cancer research and was the founder of the Hellenic Anticancer Institute and also Saint Sabbas" Hospital and c). The catalogue of Kouzis' works in the History of Medicine, which come up to eighty four, as our research has shown up to now.

At the beginning of this publication two characteristic sayings of Arist. Kouzis are cited, which were selected by the editor of the publication: "Lets wish the cause of cancer to be found quickly and therapy for it, especially from a Hellenic Laboratory" and the second one "Although it seems a great, rapid and substantial discovery …it is always a result of some other discoveries, which are concluded by previous doctors".

The book is in series No. 2 in the "Library of History of Medicine", of which Dr. Dem. Karaberopoulos is in charge and whose study "The medical European knowledge in the Greek region, 1745-1821", Athens 2003, was the beginning of this series.

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