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GALEN, Opera Omnia. The titles of his works according to the edition of C.G.Kuehn, vol. 1-19, Leipzig 1821-1830.
Publishing House A. Stamoulis
Athens 1999 (pp. 42)
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  ISBN 960-351-229-X
  Galen (2nd century A.C.), the famous ancient doctor after Hippocrates, left a lot of writings, which professor C.G. Kuehn published during 1821-1830 in Leipzig under the title "Galeni, Opera Omnia" in nineteen volumes whereas the twentieth contains the Index in Latin.


But in order to find a piece of work of Galen in the nineteen volumes for people who didn't know Latin was complicated, and so the usage of the Opera Omnia was not easy to handle.

So the necessity imposed the writing of every volume's titles and an index of names which were in the titles of the works, and this was published so as to be used by other writers.



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