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Rhigas Velestinlis, Map of Greece..., Vienna 1796-1797. A unique authentic re-edition by the Scientific Association of Studies Pheres-Velestino-Rhigas with the support of the Academy of Athens, 1998. Editor Dr. Dem. Karaberopoulos. 


It is the first time that the grand map of revolutionary Rhigas Velestinlis has been re-edited in the same size and appearance as the very well maintained original copy of Rhigas' map of the Gennadios' Library, Athens.

The publication contains the twelve sheets of the Map, (each sheet being 50 cm X 70 cm) which are well printed on velvet paper 150 gr. and another sheet (50 cm. X 70 cm), which contains all twelve sheets reduced in size, in order to provide the reader with a complete picture of the area for which Rhigas prepared his revolutionary movement and to have the possibility to even hang up as an engraving.


Two books (size 21 cm. X30 cm) complement this re-edition:

The first book (pp. 128) contains the «Index of the Map», which for the first time was constructed by Dr. Dem. Karaberopoulos and supplemented with 137 sub-notes, which refer to what Rhigas wrote in his other works regarding some of the names of his map.

The second book (pp.148) contains two prototype studies:

1) Dem. Karanberopoulos, "Rhigas' Map of Greece. Its models and new elements", in which for the first time was proved that the maps, which Rhigas used as models for his map and also some of the symbols of the map are explained, as for example Hercules' club. Through this study the questions about Rhigas' map are answered and lead us to the conclusion that it wasn't a military map but a political map of the state, which he wanted to create after his revolution.

2) Baso Pennas, "The coins in Rhigas' map". A thorough study of the 160 coins in Rhigas' map was done by Pennas and she supports that Rhigas was the first Greek numismatist.

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