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 Demetrios Karaberopoulos was born in 1945 at Velestino of Thessaly, where he lived up until his youth. He studied in the Medical School of University of Athens and since 1980 has had the speciality of Pediatrics, which he practices in Kifissia where he lives. He is married to Vasiliki Kostarellou, who is a Chemist, from Markopoulo Mesogeas, and has four children (Apostolos 1975, Kyriakos 1977, Polydoros 1978, Asimina 1982).

Since 1990 he has been occupied with the History of Medicine of the epoch of Neohellenic Enlightenment, publishing a lot of original studies, as "The medical knowledge of Rhigas in his book Anthology of Physics" (1990), "Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the Thessalian Greek Master Anthimos Gazis (1758-1828)" (1993), "The first History of Medicine in Greek language" (1994), "A text of 1815 not in the Bibliography for the protection of peste", (1994), "The Doctor Manuel Sarris Tenedios and his enlightening work" (1999), "The medical European knowledge in the Greek region, 1745-1821", (2003), The Greek Pediatric Books 1837 - 1960, Athens 2006.

He was proclaimed in 1996 doctor with the fist mark in the History of Medicine at the University of Athens for a many pages precise study, which is referred to the Greek medical books of the pro-revolutionary epoch.

He is also occupied with the ancient doctors Hippocrates and Galen, publishing studies as "The child in the Hippocratic Collection", " The cystouretirical junction: first announcement from Galen", "Experiments in Galen's works", "Control of efficacy of a medicine from Galen", "The herbs therapy by the ancient Greek doctors", Theriac in antiquity, Medical terms of Galen in Neo-Hellenic Medical Terminology, Etymological explanation of ancient Greek Medical Terminology (according to ancient texts).

He founded the Hellenic Association of the History of Pediatrics, of which he is the fist president. (2003).

He founded the Society of Velestinioton of Athens (1981), which he is president of, and was publishing up to 1997 the paper "Voice of Velestino". He is the insprirer and co-founder of the original "Museum of Agricultural Instruments and Traditional Technology of Velestino" (1992).


He founded the Scientific Association of Study Feres-Velestino-Rhigas (1987), which he is president of and has organized six International Congresses for Rhigas Velestinlis and his birth place (1986,1992,1997, 2003, 2007, 2012), and publishes the volumes of the their Acts with the name "Hyperia". Moreover he is editor of Rhigas Velestinlis' works and arranging their index: "Anthology of Physics" (1991, 4th ed. 2006), "Revolutionary Scripts", (1994, 5th ed. 2005) in which are included the Human Rights, the Constitution and Thurios, "Morale Tripous" (2001), "Young Anacharsis" (2006), " The Maps of Vlachia and Moldavia of Rhigas Velestinlis" (2005), "Alexander the Gread of Rhigas Velestinlis" (2006), "Inquisitive documents for Rhigas Velestinlis" of Em. Legrand (1996, 2nd ed. 2000) and K. Amantou (1997), "Thurios, Traditional music variations" (1997, 3th ed. 2004), "Olympic Games" (2003). In order for the pioneer political thought of Rhigas to be known, he has the "Revolutionary Scripts" translated and published in the Balkan and European languages. Until now they have been published in ten languages: Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Albanian, Italian, Russian, French, English Spanish, and German.


He arranged the "Index" of the "Maps of Greece" of Rhigas and he was the editor of the first authentic republishing, the edition which had the support of the Academy of Athens (1998, 2nd ed. 2003).


He has presented the three most significant research of the last decades regarding Rhigas:

a) A model of the book "Anthology of Physics" is the French Encyclopedia of Diderot and
D' Alembert (1994).

b) The geographical maps which Rhigas utilized for engraving his "Mar of Greece" were the maps of French Gull. Delisle and Italian Rizzi Zannoni (1998).

c) Rhigas was the translator of Metastassios "Olympia" (2001).


Also he has published the study "Name and origin of Rhigas Velestinlis" (1997, second edition 2000) by which the real name is restored of the revolutionist "Rhigas Velestinlis". As well the School Books of History of Elementary and High School were corrected, because they had recorded his name as "Antonios Kyriazis", which was historically unreal and also the origin of Rhigas was proved to be from Velestino.


He has participated in nearly all the congresses and symposiums in Greece and abroad, which were organized for Rhigas Velestinis with the occasion of the anniversary of his death. He also gives speeches about the personality and the revolutionary plan of Rhigas Veletsinlis.

Critic in the journals «Paediatriki», «Deltos» and «Pneumon».

He is in Who's Who 2001 and after.

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